Air Conditioner Pre-Cooling

Cut Up To 30% Off  The Cost of Running Your Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

 Cut up to a full 30% of your electricity usage, and ease the high cost of staying cool – even when the thermometer hits the triple digits. HVAC units have to endure excessive strain, and pull huge loads of electricity when the heat gets excessive.


Compressors have to run for much longer times, and condensers strain to do their job on long, hot summer days.  You can stop the strain on your air conditioner, as well as extend the life of your unit, by taking advantage of a science marvel known as “flash evaporation.”

When a water droplet evaporates into the air, there is a heat exchange, and a reduction in the ambient air temperature. To produce the correct size droplets to do this, high pressure fogging is used.

High-pressure fogging has the advantage of atomising the water to droplets of approximately 10 microns, meaning the droplets are small enough to hang in the air until they completely evaporate. This enables the water to flash evaporate and not cause wetness in the area. The air entering the cooling coils can be cooled by 10°C – to 15°C, allowing the coils to dissipate the heat more effectively and reducing the electrical load required to operate the system.

To increase the efficiency of air-cooled condensers, High-Pressure mist is applied at the condenser coil air inlet, this intake of cooler air reduces the compressor load, the head pressure unit cycling, and the resulting energy required to operate the air conditioning unit.


Inlet fogging is the most effective method of reducing stress and electrical loads on an air conditioning condenser unit. Here are some of the many benefits inlet fogging can produce:


  •        Increases system cooling capacity
  •        Reduces kW and kWh
  •        Extends compressor life
  •        Reduces system downtime
  •        Reduces operating cost by up to 30%
  •        Requires minimal maintenance
  •        Easily retrofitted
  •        Ideal for undersized condensers
  •        Improves occupant comfort levels
  •        Gives a fast ROI.

Many commercial businesses employ the use of inlet fogging to enjoy efficient cooling, as well as to provide major energy savings.  Evaporative cooling using mist, fog, or misting systems are sometimes called adiabatic cooling. This fog cooling, or mist cooling system is unsurpassed in the performance arena.