Alfrescool Misting Fans at Camden Valley Inn

Mistafog Alfrescool fans in the new beer garden at Camden Valley Inn

As part of the almost total rebuild of the Camden Valley Inn, they decided to have the Mistafog Alfrescool fans installed to provide a cooling airflow on the hot days of summer.

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A gentle cooling breeze that’s not harsh or obtrusive

The Alfrescool fan provides a soft cooling airflow that is comfortable for customers and quiet enough to not interrupt the conversation. Industrial style fans can be noisy and give a harsh air which can be annoying if you are placed too close to it, whereas the Alfrescool misting fan is ideal for these locations.

The fans will:

  • Cool the air through the evaporative cooling process
  • Provide a cooled airflow
  • Improve evaporation because of the added airflow
  • Provide cooling for your patrons
  • Significantly improve the comfort level

The cooling can be tailored to work in both extreme and moderately hot days by the climate controlled pump activation, which adjusts the amount of mist according to the temperature of the day and the amount of cooling required.

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