Mist Cooling System

Keep Customers Cool with Mist Cooling

Many outdoor areas suffer from excessive heat due to hot days and lack of airflow, making them uncomfortable and unprofitable.

Beat the Heat with a Mistafog Mist Cooling System

The attraction of outdoor areas is the open air feeling, but this soon becomes a problem when the prevailing weather conditions make the area hot and uncomfortable. The only option is to provide cooling and fans usually aren’t enough in our hot climate where the heat can often last from October to April. Alfresco misting systems can help combat this heat by misting the air in or around your outdoor area to make it comfortable, inviting, and profitable again, without breaking the bank.

The system will:

  • Cool the air through the evaporative cooling process
  • Adjust itself to cool the area according to the temperature
  • Significantly improve the comfort level
  • Improve evaporation because of the cooled natural airflow
  • Provide cost-effective cooling at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning

The cooling can be tailored to work on both extreme and moderately hot days by the climate-controlled pump activation, which adjusts the amount of mist according to the temperature of the day and the amount of cooling required.

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