Mistafog CoilCool

Air Conditioner Pre-Cooling

Mistafog CoilCool to solve excessive heat loads on essential HVAC system

This Air Conditioner Condenser Unit was struggling to keep up with demand over the hot summer months and failed regularly, leaving the premises with inadequate cooling. The Mistafog CoilCool system quickly reduced the temperature of the incoming air and solved the problem. It also resulted in significant power savings.

Pre cooling the air entering a chiller or condenser can cut as much as 30% off the running costs.

The objective is to evaporate the fog in front of the coils, leaving just cooled air to enter the coil unit.

Pre-cooling the incoming air flow will give improved results by:

  • Increasing the cooling capacity of the outdoor unit
  • Cooling demand is achieved at reduced fan speeds
  • Avoiding the need to run at 100% capacity as often
  • Head pressure reduced in extreme conditions
  • Reduced compressor run times

As the conditions will vary, the condenser pre-cooling system will need to be configured to take account of air flow, wind, humidity and temperature at your location. Ideally, the air entering the coil unit should be under 26 degrees. The temperature on the roof of a commercial building can often be over 50 degrees.