Mistafog Special Effects

Elizabeth Quay – Perth W.A.

Misting special effects at this popular public area include mist or fog rising from the paved areas, plus lighting effects choreographed to provide interesting play areas for children and waterside relaxation for parents.

Here you can see the special effects misting being tested with the shallow reflection pools operating as well. The water jets and lights add to the overall effect.

The water feature has 3 components.

  • Water jets that provide an interactive playground for visitors to enjoy.
  • Mist or Fog clouds that billow up and provide a cool refreshing experience in and around the water feature.
  • Coloured lighting effects that give the water jets and the fog effect colour and character at night.

In calmer conditions with all areas operating, it would be possible to create a cloud effect. Even in the blustery conditions on this day, the fog formed an effective visual effect and significant cooling feeling.