Outdoor Cooling Fans

Alfrescool Fans for outdoor or semi outdoor cooling

Mistafog Alfrescool fans were installed on 4 of the Sydney City Circle train stations to keep passengers cool during the summer months, when temperatures in these underground stations can get quite high. The report on the fans can be seen here in the Channel 9 news coverage of the launch of the systems.

Cooled air and a gentle breeze to help passengers keep cool

The fans were installed at strategic locations where people could get as close as they needed to keep cool and comfortable. While the mist cools the air, the fans circulate the air and provide the airflow up to 10 meters away, meaning many people can get into the comfortable cool zone created by each fan.

The fans will:

  • Cool the air through the evaporative cooling process
  • Provide a cooled airflow
  • Improve evaporation because of the added airflow
  • Provide cooling for your patrons
  • Significantly improve the comfort level

The cooling can be tailored to work in both extreme and moderately hot days by the climate controlled pump activation, which adjusts the amount of mist according to the temperature of the day and the amount of cooling required.

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