Outdoor Cooling System

Mistafog Outdoor Cooling System

keep your customers cool with an outdoor mist cooling system.

This outdoor entertainment area suffered from excessive heat during the summer months. As most of the heat was coming in through the open areas at the sides of the area. the misting has been installed in the gap between the roof covering and the outer walls.

How to get at the heat before it enters the area.

As most of the heat was entering through the open area the misting system was designed to attack the heat at its source. This particular layout with the garden around the outside gave us the perfect opportunity to heavily mist the perimeter to keep the temperature at a comfortable level.

Outdoor Cooling Systems will:

  • Cool the air through the evaporative cooling process
  • Adjust itself to cool the area according to the temperature
  • Significantly improve the comfort level
  • Improve evaporation because of the cooled natural airflow
  • Provide cost effective cooling at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning

The cooling can be tailored to work in both extreme and moderately hot days by the climate controlled pump activation, which adjusts the amount of mist according to the temperature of the day and the amount of cooling required.

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