We can cool your alfresco
area, save air conditioning
costs and build brilliant
special effects.

Your outdoor areas can be Cool and Comfortable

Save power and costs with Air Conditioner pre-cooling

Make your mist special effects spectacular

Cooling, Fogging and Misting Systems

Make the task of managing your environment easier with Mistafog’s range of mist cooling systems. Misting systems and fogging systems are a cost effective and versatile way of controlling temperature, in your outdoor entertainment or hospitality area, air conditioning system or for making an impact with a mist feature.

Air Conditioner Pre-Cooling

You can save over 30% of the cost of running your commercial air conditioners by pre-cooling the inlet air. By drawing less power from the grid you will help reduce peak demand in summer, lower your electricity costs and reduce your emissions.

Outdoor Cooling

Get comfort and cooling – for all of your outdoor areas. On hot days outdoor cooling is a must have – to keep patrons happy and comfortable. We have fans and fixed line systems to suit whatever type of area you have. Perfect for any alfresco area.

Mist Special Effects

Mist special effects provide a point of interest and a gentle drifting look to gardens and landscape features. The mist can be a stand alone feature or have lights for spectacular attention grabbing effects. Gardens, paved areas or water features are suitable.