Special Effects Fogging & Misting

Fog or Mist Special Effects Displays add a spectacular element of intrigue and interest

This display space at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary features fog rising from a man made watercourse to add an extra point of interest.

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The special effect created by mist or fog either settling in a valley or blowing through the trees has always had a calming and relaxing effect on people. The fact that this fog or mist effect can now be created on demand and tailored to your special area means that you can now create a tropical oasis or hidden valley in your landscaped area.

Fog or mist looks attractive and provides excitement for young children as well as a romantic foggy effect, attracting the attention of everybody in the area. It could be described as a fog water feature or a mist water feature because while it has all the attraction and intrigue of a water feature, it also has the curious mysterious effect of a drifting fog. Mist water features also have the benefit that the children won’t go home all wet a soggy.

The misting and fogging effects can be directed specifically to the area where it is required, with the movement of the fog controlled by adjusting the pressure or adjusting the size of the nozzles, both of which will affect the droplet size, as well as the angle of the nozzles. Larger droplets will take longer to evaporate but drop close to the ground where as smaller droplets will drift further but evaporate more quickly.

This misting feature in Darling Harbour, Sydney, uses light to make the feature more visible and interesting for the people walking through the area.

The applications for fog and mist effect are almost unlimited and it has been successfully used in:

  • Parks
  • Landscape Features
  • Golf Driving Ranges
  • Water Features
  • Fountains
  • Gardens
  • Theme Parks
  • Public Display Spaces
  • Entertainment Centres
  • Zoos
  • Rainforest Areas
  • Smoke Effects
  • Jungle Scenes
  • Playgrounds
  • Arenas
  • Resorts
  • Lighting Effects
  • Fogscapes
  • Sculpture and Artworks
  • Mini Golf
  • Water Parks
  • Botanical Gardens

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This installation outside the International Convention Centre in Sydney’s Darling Harbour has lights included in the fog feature to highlight the garden area.

Landscape features

Garden and landscape features can have a dramatic visual effect added to them through fogging systems. Whether it is billowing out of the garden and plant area or lining a walkway, pool, or some other element, it creates intrigue and becomes a point of attraction adding immensely to the general interest. By adding lights to this visual fog effect, it generates even more curiosity creating an atmosphere both of a mysterious place and a source of entertainment and attraction for children. This effect is often referred to as mistscaping or fogscaping and can be very effective in areas where the fog accumulates such as in a lowered area where on cooler days the fog will fall to the lowest point and create a hidden valley type of effect. On warmer days this area will become a cool haven from the heat allowing people to either walk through or children will enjoy playing in the cool mist. As the days become hotter the mist will evaporate far more quickly but it will still leave a significantly cooler area for people to be able to escape the heat.

Water features

Fog drifting over the water of a pond, fountain, pool or waterfall, creates a stunning visual effect. Fog systems can be positioned to either have the fog billow up from the water or drift gently over it depending on the effect required.

This water feature has the added visual effect of the fog drifting across the water.

Special Effects Fogging & Misting: Sculpture and artworks

Many public areas feature sculpture or artwork installations. A very effective addition to these solid structures is fogging effects emerging from or around the structure itself. The movement of the fog or Mist adds an interactive element to the installation as well as a sense of mystery and intrigue as part of the installation is partially or totally obscured by the mist. Innovation is always a source of intrigue for people and the fact that an art installation has an additional element to it will make it even more interesting and attractive to the people passing it.

Rainforest effects

Mist or fog blowing or drifting through the trees along water courses and out into the open areas provides an authentic look and the mysterious sense of intrigue often associated with rainforest areas.

Special effects mist features are ideal for rain forest or tropical effects.

Water play parks

Water play or water spray parks allow children to run around and get wet while interacting with the various water elements. The very movement of the water or sudden inundation provides a continuing visual and interactive effect for children to play in for many hours on a warm day. Adding a mist effect into this interactive play space adds yet another element as the children can continuously run through and play in the mist. It can be set up to either obscure part of the area so the children can hide, or it can be used as a cooling area for those that don’t want to be completely inundated with water from the wet areas.

This water play area in Elizabeth Quay, Perth, has shallow water pools for children to play in, with fog nozzles strategically placed to provide a cloud effect and give it an interactive element.

Misting special effects can also be used to create a water play effect without having the water. An area that has misting installed instead of water will provide a fun and interesting play area for children without them having to be prepared with special clothing to play in the wet area. This makes it ideal for those occasions when parents I’m looking for an interesting and interactive play area without the children becoming wet.

Using fogging this way, you can have a dry water play park.

Mistscaping or Fogscaping

Sometimes mist itself is enough to provide the element of interest, without any other features. This flat paved area needed something to break up an otherwise plain space and concealed misting was added to provide both an interesting visual element and a gentle cooling space for warmer days. While the fog system itself is an attractive attention grabbing feature, adding lights makes it a stunning and effective feature after dark, providing an ambience of calming tranquillity in the evening. Landscape architects can use fogging for their creative themes when designing these landscapes, allowing the fog to either gather or to drift with the air movement through their other design elements. These creative themes are enhanced by the fog adding  both interest and intrigue as the mist drifts and dissipates.

This is a large paved area with mist coming through holes drilled in some of the pavers, to add interest to an area with limited other features. It will also provide cooling on warmer days.

Mistafog special effects fogging and misting systems are all custom designed and built to specifically suit your area. Whether it be a landscape feature, a water feature, a play area or any other space that can benefit from fogging effects, it can be built to the exact specification and design required to achieve the effect you want. We will work with you and with our many years of experience will help you achieve a stunning and constantly moving visual and cooling effect.

See all our Misting & Fogging Special Effects videos here: https://mistafog.com.au/special-effects/

There is no more cost effective way to add interest, interactivity and intrigue to your areas that to add Mistafog special effects fogging and misting to your landscape, water play or water feature area.