Misting System

Misting Systems Can Benefit Any Business

Misting Systems Improve Your Customer Experience.

Mistafog offers its innovative misting system to any business in need of a cooling system, regardless of the industry. It may be entertainment, hospitality, food, computer, energy, architecture or primary production, or where in the Australia you are located. Our state-of-the-art, misting technologies can be installed and used wherever a cooling system is required.

Air Conditioner Pre-Cooling

You can save over 30% of the cost of running your commercial air conditioners with a misting system pre-cooling the inlet air. By drawing less power from the grid you will help reduce peak demand in summer, lower your electricity costs and reduce your emissions.

Outdoor Cooling

Get comfort and cooling - for all of your outdoor areas. On hot days outdoor cooling is a must have - to keep patrons happy and comfortable. We have misting fans and fixed line systems to suit whatever type of area you have. Perfect for any alfresco area.

Mist Special Effects

Mist special effects provide a point of interest and a gentle drifting look to gardens and landscape features. The misting system can be a stand alone feature or have lights for spectacular attention grabbing effects. For gardens, paved areas or water features..

Greenhouse Misting System

Greenhouse misting systems provide an efficeint and cost effective way to maintain the environment inside your greenhouses. Cooling, humidity control and product distribution are all made easier with a high pressure misting system or fogging system.

Dust Control

Misting systems are highly effective for dust control in manufacturing, recycling, mining any other industry where dust is either generated or can escape from it's processes. Misting for dust control costs a fraction of other methods without generating wetness.

Humidity Control

Humidity control is essential for manufactured product quality and storage. Humidity is also vital in greenhouses to keep humidity levels high enough for proper plant growth. Mistafog misting systems can regulate humidity in all types of facilities, regardless of their size.

Why Choose Mistafog For Your Misting Needs?

Our highly-experienced employees have been working meticulously for 30-plus years in innovating and developing technologies for business use. When a company buys one of our misting systems, they can be sure of our helpful technical support staff and our range of misting resources.

To show that we are genuine, every photo on our site is of a project that has been completed by us. We do not ever use photos harvested from the internet or stolen from other sites.

Call or email us about your needs or questions you may have so that we can design a solution specifically for your requirements.

Not all misting systems are the same. If you want to use a misting system in your business, you need to work with a reliable company that can professionally install and fine tune the system for you. We work with engineers, architects and business owners to create and install the best misting system for their needs.

We are dedicated to giving our customers the best possible misting system available through a highly developed and tested system that follows the highest industry standards. You can trust us to meet and surpass your expectations for a misting system.


How Does A Misting System Work?

The Mistafog misting system works at a 1000 PSI+ pressure level, which generates minute water droplets that eliminate the airborne heat and cool the air around it. As the air temperature drops, the water droplets will evaporate and become vapor. With the Mistafog system, the air temperature cools down by 35 degrees. This makes sitting out in the summer sun tolerable.

If you care about your customers’ well-being, it will show. A person who has a positive experience might feel obligated to leave a review of their experience on Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. If friends and family are talking about your business, they may share their personal experiences with them.

Bad reviews tend to stick out like a sore thumb and can hinder your business from being successful. A person who has an “okay” experience may not write anything at all about your company. This is why you should take added steps to increase the comfortability feeling in your business. You want your guests to feel like you genuinely care about their needs and desires.


Misting System for Restaurant

Restaurant success is dependent upon people visiting and ordering food. A restaurant is either nearly empty or has a line out the door. While consistency would be nice in the restaurant industry, the reality is that it experiences ebbs and flows. Just because you’re busy one day doesn’t mean the next day will be just as busy.

Why Should Restaurant Owners Invest In Misting Systems?

Since you can’t rely on customer consistency, you have to do other things that improve your restaurant’s bottom line.

A way for a restaurant to combat slow times, especially in the warmer months, is to expand its business outside (if possible). This outdoor expansion can help boost profits, getting them through slower periods.

Another method is to consider a misting system that makes the dining experience more satisfying for guests. The design behind a misting system is to reduce the air temperature, ensuring your diners feel more comfortable while eating and conversing. A misting system helps to do the following:

• Enhance diners’ experience because of air comfortability

• Extend peak customer times

• Improve the employee turnover rate

• Iterate to customers that you were concerned about their comfort levels

Another plus behind these systems? If your restaurant is open to smokers, you can use a misting system that will allow both smokers and non-smokers to be in the same room. There’s no reason for a designated smoking section, which can reduce restaurant profits because of underutilization.

This system allows you to maximize the space you have, boosting your restaurant’s revenues.

An affordable Mistafog misting system will help restaurants to attain the above goals. You can keep your current customers coming back while enticing new customers to give you a try in a welcoming, comfortable setting. You could have the best customer service personnel, but without an inviting atmosphere, you won’t get guests to stay.

No doubt, an outdoor patio can become unbearable in 80+ degree heat. Diners may want to eat at your establishment, but with no cooling system in place, it makes their decision to leave a little easier. With a Mistafog misting system, you can make that decision harder for them. The system means restaurants care for their customers’ well-being.


What Kind of Return-on-Investment Do Restaurants Get From A Misting System?

When it comes to a return-on-investment, businesses need to know if there is any benefit to them. The upfront cost to the Mistafog misting system is $10,000. This can be a lot of money for restaurants. However, the cost does not outweigh the benefits and can lead to a return-on-investment.

How can you know if the misting system is working for your company?

  • Brings In More Customers :   Hot weather can leave tables empty outside. However, with a misting system, you can bring down the air around to a more tolerable level, helping bring in more customers.

  • Creates An Inviting Atmosphere:  Misting systems can provide a year-round ambiance because people will feel as if you care about their needs.

  • Brings In Customers: They can help extend customer rushes

  • Encourages Repeat Parsonage: Of the most critical notable ROIs, they will encourage people to visit and return multiple times. People come back to places where they feel important and had a phenomenal experience. If the restaurant’s food, customer service and environment all hit high notes, customers will return to experience it again.

There is no doubt how hot temperatures can make for an unbearable outing. If you have an outdoor setup but no way to cool it down, your guests are not likely to return, nor will they recommend your restaurants to others. It can be fun to eat outside on a patio, but if it’s too hot, nobody will want to sit out there.

Wasted space!

Yes, analytics and statistics are essential aspects to determine your restaurant’s success. They do not help you learn how comfortable a person is in your restaurant – be it a diner or an employee. An uncomfortable atmosphere will increase the turnover rate of your employees and lower your patronage numbers.

Fluctuations in revenue aren’t going to give you the data you need to be successful!

Reaching New Customers While Keeping Established Customers Happy

It’s up to seven times more expensive to attain new customers than it is to retain your current customer base. That’s why restaurant owners need to find cheaper, more effective methods to win people over. They must also develop a plan that helps in retaining current customers.

According to Restaurant.org, 90 percent of people visiting a restaurant do so because of a family or friend’s recommendation. Therefore, these businesses must use a strategy, such as using a misting system that allows them to attract new customers while keeping new customers happy at the same time.



Misting System for Hotels and Resorts

Hospitality and comfortability are a must with hotels and resorts, as it comes with both tangible and direct benefits. For example, hoteliers are continually reviewing the check-in and check-out experiences to perfect any problems that were noted.

Hoteliers have plenty of communal space for guests to enjoy, and if the spaces are not used in the summer, it looks terrible to prospective guests. If you want to enhance the customer experience, you need to give them a sense of relaxation and comfort. This means coming up with a unique angle that spurs conversations with potential visitors.

Why Should Hotels and Resorts Implement Misting Systems Into Their Businesses?

Hotel owners often spend money in reinvigorating a space – inside and outside – for guests to enjoy. Any outdoor upgrades made may be lost revenue if the summer heat has anything to do about it. Nobody will stay at the hotel if they don’t see people take advantage of the new amenities.

Or, you may not have made any investments, worried about the vacancies. You may have decided not to worry about any exterior add-ons because the space is only usable for a season or two.

There is a problem with this line of thinking: it makes people think you don’t care to make the hotel worth coming to. It would help if you came up with unique ideas that resonate with your customer base. You want to invest in high-quality products that generate a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. This is imperative in any competitive industry, such as hotels and resorts where people have choices in lodging.

One such way to boost favorability over your competitors is to add an exterior cooling system such as a Mistafog misting system. A misting system can be installed in the communal areas of the hotel or resort, giving your guests maximum comfort. This kind of system can make the outdoors even more exciting for the guests, a real place to enjoy and relax. This can be an area your guests can enjoy without resorting to their rooms.

A misting system is designed to help people be put at ease and feel comfortable in every setting one is being used in. By using a system such as this, you show how dedicated you are to the hospitality industry and your hotel. It shows your guests that you cared about their comfort level and want them to feel as if they’re in a home away from home.

It shows them that you’ll do everything within your power to surpass their expectations of a hotel stay!

Keep in mind that a guest’s experience – good or bad – will spill over into your profits. If you want to increase your profits, you need to implement technologies that raise the hotel’s booking and retention rates. A misting system is one piece of technology that not many other hotels in the area may provide.

Your hotel could be the first and reap the benefits!

How To Stand Out Among The Competition

If your hotel is to succeed, you need to think of ways that will make you stand out from your competitors. One of the things people look for in a hotel – beyond price – is the experience they get from staying there. What will make your hotel different from your competitors?

While some hotels offer products or luxury services for guests to use, this certainly goes into the bottom line. You don’t want to just rely on satellite TV, Internet and breakfast bar to win over guests. Go beyond all that. This is where you need to consider what your lounging spaces – pools, dining, business rooms, etc. – could look and feel like.

One way to be the best of the best is to invest in a Mistafog misting system to reduce the air temperature in these areas to a more comfortable level. More and more hotels are using Mistafog’s misting systems to give their guests a better experience during their stay. It’s not just about the stay in a room, but the whole hotel. How inviting the hotel is can only enhance the guests’ experience and encourage them to visit again.



Misting system for Clubs.

Why Should Clubs Invest In Misting Systems?

More and more club owners realize the advantages of using a misting system in their outdoor dining areas, employee working area and frequently visited spots (gaming and smoking areas). Clubs that use a misting system can improve their customers’ and employees’ overall experience, and use spaces that once could not be used due to high temperatures.

Misting system for Retail and Shopping centers.

Many people like to visit outdoor malls and outlet centers for their shopping wants and needs because it takes them away from the cramped, crowded space with inadequate lighting that comes with indoor malls. Although popular, the outdoor shopping experience is often mucked by heat in the warmer months, affecting a person’s decision to visit these places.

Typical AC systems are not efficient enough in cooling these outdoor spaces and the expense associated doesn’t justify even trying to keep the area cool. For that reason, the only economically-feasible solution is the use of a high-pressure misting system that will cool even the largest of outdoor retail environments..

Why Retail Centers Should Consider Investing In A Misting System

There has been a significant rise in the number of outdoor retail centers, even in the era of online shopping and changing consumer habits. However, people want to visit brick-and-mortar stores – to touch objects or clothing – and see with their own eyes what they could or want to buy.

According to a 2006 study from the National University of Singapore, consumers tend to spend an average of two hours at larger retail centers while spending around 1.4 hours (on average) at smaller retail mails. And, mall size will have an effect on a customer’s experience, affecting how much money is spent and the amount of time spent at the location.

Retail outlets are home to all kinds of businesses such as fashion boutique stores, game stores, name brand shoe stores, five-and-dime shops, local restaurants, museums, movie theaters, children entertainment spots, etc. It’s not just about shopping, as one would expect from an indoor mall. These types of malls are much, much more.

With the advent of the Internet, people have been concerned with the future of brick and mortar stores. And, rightly so, as the Internet sees a 10 percent growth every year. To maintain relevancy, retail centers must find unique ways to entice customers to visit, browse and spend money. How can retail stores enhance the shopping experience for their customers?

One way is to install a missing system – something that’s already being used in an array of retail settings. These systems, which can cool down the atmosphere and improve customers’ comfort levels, can be set up around seating areas, food courts and walkways. Using a misting system in an outdoor retail center will cool shoppers off as they walk by a business (or go into it). Businesses who use a misting system demonstrate to customers that they care about them.

Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable With the Purchase and Installation Of A Mistafog Misting System

Guest comfort is a necessity if your business relies on it and you desire to be successful. We offer our misting systems to any business that needs it, including theme parks, water parks, hotels, golf clubs, etc. If your business has anything to do with outdoor events, a misting system can improve customer satisfaction. Take advantage of the Mistafog evaporative cooling system, which will generate a dry-mist that can lead to a 35-degree drop in temperatures, and give your guests the comfort that demand.


How A Mistafog System Can Benefit Outdoor Malls and Retail Centers?

When consumers feel comfortable somewhere, they often spend more time and more money. With a cooling misting system installed at your outdoor mall or outlet centers, consumers will meander more, looking at what stores have to offer and end up spending more money than they may have set for themselves.

According to research, summertime is incredibly busy for outdoor settings with children/teenagers out of school and college-age students taking a break at home. A Mistafog system allows you to cater to these individuals, which will help boost your bottom line with the increased foot traffic.

One such area that can see a real boost in an outdoor mall is the food court/restaurant center. Due to the amount of revenue these places bring in, more money is being spent on upgrading them. Consumers don’t like the “cafeteria-feel” that many malls have and the crowded space. With an outdoor “food court,” people get to enjoy the added space and natural light.

With a good food court, consumers tend to spend 20 percent more money at the mall.

The patios and outdoor seatings retail centers have also must deal with the heat summer months bring. However, the use of a misting system makes the whole outdoor dining and sitting experience tolerable with a higher rate of return when they come back to the mall or center.

Mistafog includes a log effects option, which works similarly to the misting system to cool down an area, will create an aesthetic look that can entice people to check out what a center has to offer.

Any changes in trends will affect retail businesses. However, with a little creativity, outdoor malls and retail centers can better compete with indoor malls and online business. A misting system creates an air of comfort and comfortability. It lets consumers know that the center cares about them and their safety.

This is what sustains and boost the success of outdoor malls and retail centers.

Misting system for Theme park.

How Does A Misting System Work To Improve Guests’ Theme Park Experience?

Mistafog works at a 1,000psi+ pressure, which generates micron-sized water droplets that will evaporate and become vapor to eliminate the heat in the air and cool down the area. Mistafog creates a dry fog to bring the temperature down by about 35 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s 100 degrees outside, this means the area temperature will be around 75 to 80 degrees.

How A Misting System Can Benefit A Theme Parks?

The biggest complaint people have about theme parks is the long lines. Since most theme parks operate during the summertime, the heat can get unbearable for those standing in line, even downright dangerous for some groups of individuals. Many people may have water bottles while they wait, but there is no guarantee of it. It’s an unfortunate aspect of the experience, but thankfully, becoming more tolerable.

A way to combat the direct sunlight and heat is to incorporate a misting system or other cooling technology. Park designers have implemented outdoor cooling measures such as misting systems to keep their guests comfortable as they wait to get on the next ride. These systems are being placed in queue lines, rest areas and dining places.

By incorporating a theme park misting system, your guests will be much happier and satisfied with their experience. This satisfaction translates into return visits, and potentially, season-ticket buyers. In the end, higher revenues for the theme park.

Theme parks’ primary revenue source is ticket sales – either through one-time ticket purchases or a seasonal ticket. It doesn’t matter how many rides a theme park has or if it’s got a new ride. If guests are uncomfortable when they visit, they are less likely to come back for another visit.

There is no doubt that extreme summer heat can affect park attendance. Despite offering shade covers, it’s just not enough to keep guests cool. A more practical solution would be the installation of misting poles, fogscapes and patio misting in high traffic areas such as restaurants, lounging areas and other places.

Cooling Down Your Customers In Line

With more and more people visiting theme parks, the lines are just getting longer and longer. To alleviate the boredom and make guests comfortable, parks are spending money to enhance the experience with additional shade covers and misting systems. Comfortable guests are less likely to feel as if the line is long.

How A Misting System Improves A Theme Park’s Reputation?

Theme parks look for ways and methods that make them rise above the competition. It’s not just in the rides or food they offer, but in how they keep guests comfortable during their visit. One such way in which theme parks can stand out above the rest is to use a misting or fogging system such as Mistafog.

This system can reduce the air temperature by 35 degrees, making it far more tolerable for guests to enjoy and spend more time at the park.

The Mistafog system in entryways, walkways, dining areas and other high traffic areas can increase the likelihood of park visitors coming back. Add some creativity to the atmosphere with the fogging system, as it can enhance the consumer experience. This will lead to more families choosing a theme park for their next family vacation, as they see the park taking great care of their safety.

People will want to stay longer and visit more often, as they see it as a place to get away from their busy, mundane lifestyle and spend time with loved ones. With a fog effects device, you can highlight the various displays set up around your park for guests to enjoy.

What you do (or don’t do) will dictate whether or not a person comes back.

How Does Mistafog Work To Lower Theme Park Air Temperatures?

The Mistafog system operates at 1,000psi+ pressure, causing it to produce minute water droplets that disperse and change into vapor. This vapor is what removes the heat in the air, so the area around is cooled down. Mistafog produces a dry fog that lowers the outdoor temperature by the most 35 degrees.

Misting system for water park.

Water parks are big spots to escape the heat that comes with the summer months. After all, from children to adults, the thought of getting relief from the heat and sun while also enjoying the rides and pools can be exciting.

How Can A Water Park Benefit From A Misting System

Even though the reprieve people get is the water, it can still be unbearable for some guests. The reality is that adults – for the most part – do not have the stamina a child tends to have. They want (and sometimes need) a break from all the fun and heat. Just sitting on the concrete next to the pool isn’t enough to keep people happy. It’s not an ideal answer to keeping guests happy.

If a water park doesn’t do more for their guests in keeping them comfortable, then packing up the kids, dealing with snacks, nap times, etc. is just not worth the visit. They’ll be even more exhausted when they leave than when they arrived.

However, a water park that designates an area for cooling down – away from the slides, rides and pools – is more likely to entice visitors to come in and enjoy the fun time and time again. One such option for water parks is to install a Mistafog misting system in resting centers, dining areas or private cabanas. This system will help cool the air down and improve the comfortability level of guests.

What Financial Perks Are Associated With Waterparks Using Misting Systems?

Misting systems installed throughout a water park can affect a family’s decision to leave early or stay longer. People who stay longer will spend more money on food, tickets and other products. With a misting system, families don’t have to separate because one person is too hot and needs to cool down while another wants to enjoy the park activities.

For that reason, water parks could stand to benefit financially with the investment of a misting system. By focusing on guests’ satisfaction, a park can increase the chance of higher revenues with customer recommendations and rate of returns.

Misting Systems During Special Events

Special events – music concerts, fairs, sports, etc. – tend to happen more in the summer months and lead to large crowds attending. Without some way to cool down, this can lead to heat exhaustion or stress. However, many special event promoters have invested in misting systems and fans to ensure their staff and guests’ safety and coolness.

The reality is that humans are naturally-social creatures, and big events such as those noted above will draw out large crowds. With some pre-planning, an event can be profitable. Outdoor events can be incredibly profitable, as there is no need to rent an indoor venue and more people can attend.

Still, there is the danger of large gatherings for an event, especially in the warmer months. People generally don’t keep track of how much water they’re consuming, leading to severe heat-related health problems (as noted above).

However, you can address these concerns using a misting system throughout the grounds where your event is being held. The system will cool down the air, making it safer for your guests to enjoy the activities. It also shows your guests that you care about them and their safety.

Misting system for schools

Mistafog offers its misting systems to schools to address heat exhaustion and stress that children often experience as they play outside in the heat. During recess and lunch break, children are running around and hanging out with friends, having a good time. Children need this downtime from studies to learn and understand complex concepts better while also making memories. Physical play is a necessity for healthy childhood development.

They are not thinking about the dangers the heat can bring.

How Schools Can Use A Misting System 

However, schools, daycares and even parents realize these dangers and want to alleviate the potentially deadly consequences that can occur. School and daycare officials want children to enjoy this time safely. Since children are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses, educators are looking to measures to keep them cool.

Most outside recess and lunch breaks occur during the hottest part of the day – 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Heat is undoubtedly a problem. On top of that, the area’s climate needs to be considered to reduce the risk associated with heat and high temperatures.

There are several ways that schools and daycares can alleviate these dangers.

• Buildings can be built near shading (such as trees)
• Easier access to water fountains or water
• Misting systems designed to cool down the air of an outdoor space

How Can Mistafog’s Misting System Work In A School Setting?

A Mistafog system installed on playgrounds and lunch areas, added to other shading systems, can offer real relief from the heat. It works to lower the temperature by approximately 35 degrees, which keeps students cool, dry and safe while at break or recess. If there are no overhead structures, schools can install play-inspired misting poles of various sizes and colors to fit within the existing playground design.