Outdoor Cooling

Cool your summer with a Mistafog Alfresco Cooling System.

Get comfort and  cooling for  all  of  your outdoor areas

With Australians enjoying living the outdoor lifestyle as much as possible, they also enjoy being able to experience the same feeling when dining out or enjoying other alfresco activities. With this trend on the increase, it becomes essential to provide an outdoor temperature control solution to cool your alfresco spaces during the increasingly warmer days of summer.

Prior to mist cooling systems becoming available, alfresco cooling has been achieved with fans however, merely circulating the warm or hot air can only provide so much relief. Now we have the option to cool the air as well as circulating it with misting fans and fixed line nozzle misting systems. Our alfresco misting fans provide the cooling of our fixed line systems combined with the airflow produced by the fan itself. This way you get the dual effect of cool air from the evaporation and a gentle air flow through your outdoor area which both circulates the air and provides a slight wind chill factor to enhance even further the cooling sensation for your customers.

Heat, we have the solution – Mistafog Outdoor Cooling System

Misting or fogging systems as they are sometimes known work the same way as the breeze that would come off the ocean at a coastal location, using adiabatic or evaporative cooling to provide the perfect outdoor cooling for your hotel, restaurant, club, casino or any outdoor dining, gaming or recreation area. Our high pressure misting lines and nozzles produce ultrafine atomized water droplets which flash evaporate leaving no water, but ample cooled air to make your patrons more comfortable and stay longer. Another advantage of these fog systems is that the curtain of mist will both act as a barrier and a deterrent to flies and insects in your outdoor area. They are naturally repelled by the mist in the air.

Mistafog’s outdoor cooling systems and outdoor cooling fans are more effective the hotter the weather gets. Because air conditioning systems struggle as the temperature rises, they become very ineffective and costly to run. Mist cooling systems on the other hand, can evaporate more atomised water quicker as the temperature becomes hotter, providing a much bigger difference between the ambient temperature and the comfort temperature that your patrons feel. The difference in temperature becomes the most obvious to your patrons and they will be very appreciative of your efforts to reduce the temperature, for their comfort.

Your Mistafog outdoor cooling system will


  • Reduce the temperature in your outdoor areas by up to 15°C on hot days.
  • Keep your clients cool and relaxed.
  • Improve the working conditions for your staff that that work in the outdoor areas.
  • You will receive increased customer loyalty as they come to know your area as a relaxing and comfortable area.
  • As your customers become more comfortable, they will also spend longer in your outdoor areas, increasing your profits and the return on your investment.
  • Allow you to use the formally inhospitable areas right through the hottest months of the year.
  • Flies and insects will avoid the area taking away another annoyance for your customers.

To optimise the cooling experience in your outdoor hospitality area a Mistafog system comes with controls which help to keep the mist cooling at a level that is ideal for your customers and provide optimal cooling. The first of these features is the adjustable run and stop times which allows the system to dispense the maximum amount of atomised water that the area is able to evaporate at any time according to the prevailing temperature. This runtime control then automatically adjusts as the ambient temperature rises.


Mistafog outdoor cooling systems with or without misting fans, are ideal for

  • Outdoor dining
  • Alfresco bars
  • Outdoor entertainment
  • Outdoor gaming
  • Outdoor Sports areas
  • BBQ
  • Theme parks
  • Recreation areas
  • Smoking areas
  • Shopping centres
  • Cafes and coffee shops
  • Play areas
  • Kindergartens

It provides not only cooling but a pleasant visual effect that makes the area cool and inviting for your customers and staff.

The effect of a mist cooling system is almost immediate due to the flash evaporation of the atomized water particles. As the flash evaporation is an essential part of the operation of the system it requires heat to evaporate the atomised water, immediately removing the heat from the air leaving the air cool and comfortable for your patrons. It also becomes a point of interest as people see the mist that you have installed to help cool and improve their customer experience. The very fact that for a short distance from the nozzle the mist is visible leads to an additional cooling effect we like to call visual cooling, because as they can see the mist coming out and evaporating, so they immediately feel the mist is cooling the air, also adding to the feeling of well-being and comfort experienced by the customers.

Flash evaporation or evaporative cooling is simply the process by which the mist is absorbed into the air and this process what was the temperature of the air in your outdoor area. The hotter the air the quicker the mist can evaporate and the more effective the cooling will be and the bigger the temperature drop. As the water flash evaporates there is no risk of the mist wetting the floor or furnishings and your customers do not need to worry about the risk of feeling any wetness from the mist.

By cooling your outdoor dining and gaming areas you will increase revenue as well as enhancing customer loyalty as they enjoy the feeling of being outdoors without the oppressive heat conditions.

Mistafog takes the time to listen to what you need for your hospitality outdoor area and will provide a cost effective solution that will see your commercial outdoor space become a comfortable enjoyable and profitable area during the spring to Autumn seasons. You can have the enviable climate of a lovely cool seabreeze no matter where you are or how enclosed your alfresco area. When you install a Mistafog alfresco cooling system you are providing your customers with relief from the heat and turn areas that would otherwise be empty on hot uncomfortable days into a space that is well patronized and enjoyed by your customers, increasing your turnover during the summer period.

During the long hot summer months your alfresco cooling system will run for many hours each day and reliability is built into every system to make sure that it will remain effective and trouble-free even the under the hottest summer conditions.

Just as there is no off the shelf design for a top class hospitality space, our systems are also uniquely custom designed for every venue. A Mistafog representative will come to your venue and look at the issues you are facing and design the most effective and efficient way to take away those hot areas from your alfresco spaces.

Cooling is as important if not more important than heating when it comes to comfort in the hospitality industry and people expect to have a comfortable and relaxing experience when they visit your premises. To fix your cooling problem today, have a representative from Mistafog provide you with a quote for a custom designed system to suit your premises. Our years of experience and our list of satisfied customers stand as a testament to what we can do for you and your customers.

Should I use mist fans or fixed mist lines to cool my outdoor area?

Often the hardest part of deciding on an outdoor cooling system is how to structure the system to achieve the best results for your customers. Mistafog are experts at designing systems to make the best use of both types of cooling elements to attack the heat at its source and cool the air inside your alfresco area. This will vary from project to project depending on the layout and structure of your outdoor area. Often Mistafog will use both types of system, fixed lines and Alfrescool fans to combat the heat in different parts of your outdoor area. Our low velocity Alfrescool fans are ideal for the more enclosed parts of your premises as they provide both cooling and quicker evaporation of the atomised water particles, and a gentle cooling breeze through the area. We will then if appropriate use a fixed line around the perimeter to attack the heat at its source and prevent it from entering the alfresco area. Regardless of which system or combinations of components are used they are always connected to our high pressure low flow pump which is used to get the finest possible atomisation of the water particles to provide the fastest possible flash evaporation.

How does the system work?

Evaporative cooling, also known as adiabatic cooling, mist cooling or fogging, is a well established method of cooling air. For the atomised water particles to evaporate it needs to use heat energy from the air. As this energy is taken from the surrounding air it results in a reduction of the air temperature. Evaporation is aided by making the mist particles or fog, as small as possible allowing them to evaporate quickly leaving just cool air. Mistafog outdoor cooling systems atomise the water down to around 10 microns meaning that it takes very little heat to evaporate the particle however because of the millions of particles it takes a significant amount of heat from the air.

How do you control the system?

The system is automatically controlled by the computerized control box which will adjust the runtime and stop times according to the temperature and the amount of mist that can be evaporated in the air at that temperature. For example, far more mist could be evaporated into the air and more heat extracted from the air at 36°C than it could at 26°C, so the system could run much longer in each cycle and will need a shorter off time. Also, at the higher temperature as the water particles will evaporate quicker. It can also be programmed to run only during certain hours and certain days of the week according to your requirements.

Will the nozzles block up overtime?

All Mistafog systems come with filtration to remove any impurities from the water so that only clean water will be atomised through the nozzles. Even with filtered water over time there will be some amount of calcium build up within the nozzles and for this reason the system should be serviced once a year, usually in the off season, which includes replacing the nozzles so the system will be ready for activation on the 1st hot day in spring or summer.

Where does Mistafog Operate?

We have installed systems in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Hobart, but we can supply and install anywhere in Australia.