Mistafog CoilCool Adiabatic Pre-Cooling

Western Sydney air conditioning condenser unit is more efficient with pre-cooling.

Lack of fresh air flow caused by surrounding obstructions was hampering the efficiency of this air cooled condenser. This video shows how effectively high pressure adiabatic pre-cooling solves the problem.

How Does An Adiabatic Pre-Cooling System or Refrigeration Pre-Cooling System Work?

The CoilCool Pre-Cooling system uses an adiabatic process – a process which a evaporates water and the result is a decrease in temperature. This effect is used to cool the air going into the air conditioning condenser unit. Accordingly, the lower the temperature of the air entering the unit, the less power is required to cool the air from the air conditioner to the required temperature. CoilCool Pre-Cooling systems are installed before the air conditioning condenser unit (outdoor unit) coils.

The temperature of air passing through the condenser coils is reduced because warm air is cooled by the atomised water mist (fog) created by the microscopic nozzles and high pressure. The temperature of the air passing through the condenser coils reduces substantially, by 10°C – 20°C, and which greatly increases the cooling capacity while reducing power demand and consumption.

Using the CoilCool pre-cooling system reduces the temperature of the air entering the refrigeration coil unit can be reduced to below 25°C which means the refrigeration condenser unit will not be struggling to compress the refrigerant. This in turn means more cooling output for refrigeration chamber and less power use to achieve the required level of cooling.

The CoilCool system does not directly affect the technical processes of the air conditioning and condenser cooling unit. It only provides a temperature reduction of the air entering the unit. This allows you to save on power costs, maintenance costs and still get the cooling out put you require.