Mistafog CoilCool Refrigeration Pre Cooling

Air Conditioner Pre-Cooling to solve excessive heat loads on an essential refrigeration system

This refrigeration unit was operating on the roof of a Liverpool restaurant during the hot summer months and struggled to keep the cool room cold enough. This test shows how the temperature of the air entering the coils was reduced by over 13 degrees celsius by the pre-cooling system, all within 1 minute.

CoilCool by Mistafog is an adiabatic or evaporative pre cooling system that will save air conditioning running costs and refrigeration condenser running costs by reducing power consumption. It also helps to keep the cooling output at its maximum by taking the heat load off the condenser.

By cooling the inlet air with pre-cooling and allowing the system to run shorter cycle times while providing the required cool air, power use is dramatically reduced. On days of high heat load, air conditioning and refrigeration systems struggle to produce enough cooling to cool the product or area required.

Pre-cooling the air before it enters the condenser allows the air conditioning or refrigeration system to operate as if it was operating in ideal conditions of below 28 degrees celsius.